Lucky’s Loves Local!

Throughout this journey of food blogging, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many new friends, from restaurant and small business owners, to fellow foodies! The idea for the Lucky’s Local Vendor Showcase Event that I recently hosted was in part from the encouragement and partnership with Chef John from Tres Amigos Salsas and Quesos. Thank you John! I couldn’t have done this without you! I would also like to thank Katherine Nguyen for all of the pictures from the event!

Tres Amigos Salsas and Quesos

I wanted to host an event that showcased Tres Amigos, and Lucky’s Market came to mind, as they partner with local brands to bring them onto their shelves, something a traditional grocery store would be unable to do. After some back and forth, a date was set and I started reaching out to additional local vendors to participate in the event!

Sweet City Gelato

Sweet City Gelato has been one of my favorite treats for years! They have a food truck that goes to events and weddings! It’s very smooth and I love the flavor varieties!

Sweet City Gelato
Gezellig Cookies

Gezellig Cookies has been another snack staple of mine! I have tried them at The Bear and Peacock in Winter Park, as well as BadAss Sandwich in the Milk District. These delicious stroopwafles are crispy, chewy, and taste amazing!

Gezellig Cookies
Elev8 Hemp Coffee

Elev8 Hemp was a new brand to me! I tried out their Dark Roast Coffee, and in the words of Isha/ @WillFlyForChai it tasted like “a hot cold brew.” It was very smooth and did not taste as acidic as a normal coffee, so I definitely agreed with her!

Elev8 Hemp Coffee
Terrapin Ridge Farms Roasted Pineapple Habanero Dip

Terrapin Ridge Farms specializes in jams, dips, aioli, and dressings! They are based out of Clearwater, Florida and are a woman owned business! Thank you Clare for making the trip to Orlando for the event! The Roasted Pineapple Habanero Dip was definitely a hit! I would love to use some of their products this holiday season!

Terrapin Ridge Farms Everything Aioli
O’Dang Hummus Dressings

O’Dang Hummus is a fellow UCF Alumni! You may recognize the brand from ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank! I remember tasting his black bean hummus at the Lake Eola Farmers Market many years ago! All of the O’Dang Dressings are chickpea based and full of flavor!

Farm Boy Produce Kombucha

Farm Boy Produce is brewed locally in Altamonte Springs, FL! They offer raw, organic, and locally sourced Kombucha! My personal favorite is the Orange Blossom, which is made with local honey! I have been filling up my growler with Farm Boy Produce Kombucha since the Lucky’s Market opened near my house, and it has become a staple of my grocery trips! I had never tried or liked Kombucha before, and I tend to dislike herbal and floral flavored drinks, but this Kombucha is awesome! I even like the Peppermint Lavender, which is something I don’t think I would ever say, haha! Farm Boy Produce Kombucha is available in all Central Florida Lucky’s Markets in the Cafe area on tap, or in a refrigerated section in bottles and growlers! Pro tip: bring your growler for a cheaper fill up!

Farm Boy Produce Kombucha
Amelia Toffee

Amelia Toffee is a Fernandina Beach, Florida based company! They are small batch, and hand crafted, with a variety of infused flavors! Their storefront is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays! Toffee is one of my favorite candies, so this was a favorite of mine! We sampled the Bourbon, Sea Salt, and Key Lime!

Amelia Toffee
I Heart Bees Honey

I Heart Bees Honey is raw and unfiltered! This family run business even raises the bees themselves! You can taste the difference in the quality and flavor of the honey! They even offer flavors such as ginger and strawberry honey! You will notice their distinct packaging when passing them by in the store! Thank you Donna and Gary for making the trip from Polk City!

I Heart Bees Bee Pollen
Fat D’s BBQ Sauces

Fat D’s BBQ offers award winning sauces based out of Orlando, Florida! Flavors include: The Southern Gentleman, a sweet and mild sauce, Sweet and Sassy Southern Belle, a spicy and sweet sauce, Southern Charm, a mild mustard based sauce, and Southern Mischief, a spicy mustard based sauce. These sauces will definitely kick your next BBQ up a notch, or a few!

The Nutty Peanut

The Nutty Peanut is a Sanford, Florida based nut butter company! They are the Craft Beer of Peanut Butter, and are made in small batches and are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and Non-GMO. They offer flavors such as Almond Choco Blues, Butterscotch Crunch, Cocoa Nutty Nana, and Razzy Short Stack!

The Nutty Peanut
Melatta Spreads

Melatta Spreads is a husband and wife team making delicious creamy and fruit spreads with no sugar or dairy! The creaminess comes from the coconut, which is absolutely delicious! This also makes their product vegan! It does not taste like an overpowering coconut flavor, just creamy and sweet! I seriously eat this stuff with a spoon! You can also eat it with toast, crackers, and waffles, and more! We sampled Pineapple and Coconut, White Chocolate and Berries, and Passion Fruit and Guava!

Melatta Spreads
Sultan Hummus

Sultan Fresh Foods is based out of Florida’s West Coast and offers a wide variety of hummus flavors and tabouleh. My personal favorite is the cilantro and jalapeño! The owner, Lila brings full flavor to all of her products! My fellow foodies loved it! Her hummus is reasonably priced compared to other national hummus brands.

Tres Amigos Salsas and Quesos

Tres Amigos is a Winter Garden based salsa company! They recently launched their “Kicked Up Queso” and it is a game changer! I am seriously addicted! Tres Amigos does not use any preservatives or added sugars! I love how fresh it tastes and the wide variety of flavors they offer! In addition to Luckys Market, you can catch them at the Winter Garden Farmers Market and the Orlando Farmers Market at Lake Eola! You will be addicted to their salsa after your first try!

Tres Amigos Salsa and Queso – Hand Model, Isha
Leann’s Cheesecake and Infusions

Leann’s Cheesecakes (and more) are based out of Tampa, Florida! This husband and wife team took secret family recipes and shared their creations with the public! They offer a wide variety of cheesecakes in a jar, cannolis, and other sweet treats! I love their motto “Choose a jar. Grab a spoon.” Leann and her husband Joseph are also working on CBD infused products such as cheesecake and chocolates!

LeAnns Cheesecakes
Glorious Sauces Chimichurri

Glorious Sauces owners, Robert and Bryan, were unable to participate in the event due to scheduling, however they wanted to participate and made sure I got to try their Chimichurri Sauce! Chimichurri is one of my favorite sauces to pair with a skirt steak or really with any meal! I interviewed Robert and Bryan so I could share more about Glorious Sauces! I hope to see them at any future events!

Answers preceded with B are Bryan Bensing’s words (Glorious Sauces, President/co-owner) and R are Robert W Kovacs’ words (Glorious Sauces, Vice President/co-owner).

Q:  Can you give us the back story of Glorious Sauces? How did the brand come to be what it is today?

A: B-I’ve been making this chimichurri sauce for over 30 years for family and friends for our gatherings. For the last 20 plus years, they keep telling me to market this sauce because of the taste and versatility. After some thinking and determination Glorious Sauces was about to be born.

Our website adds to the story, over the years, three friends shared their love of food by bringing together different cultural palates, creative exploration and a passion for fresh, flavorful ingredients to introduce our family and friends to new tastes. Experimenting in our kitchens allowed us spin traditional favorites into our very own flavors.  Once the a-ha moment of perfection occurred, we realized an opportunity and Glorious Sauces was officially born.

R-What Bryan and I had not mentioned, both of our love to experiment in our kitchens and we both enjoy eating quality foods with a twist on the common flavors you’d expect is one of the qualities what built this amazing friendship.

Q:  When did you first start selling your product to consumers? And retailers? Where are your products currently available for purchase?

A: R-We started sharing our chimichurri products along with some other local favorites of guacamole, salsas, hummus, bbq sauces to our family, friends and co-workers to see if there was an interest in late 2015. By 2017, we were able to commercially package our chimichurri to be retail ready and with hope to roll out other sauces as we grow. We both learned a great deal in the process it takes to put together a product from conception to placement on shelves and the laws governing food preparation. By the end of 2017, we were able to get into one of the Lucky’s Markets in south Florida and slowly began reaching out to other Lucky’s Markets. Presently, we are in 15 Lucky’s Markets throughout Florida, Broward Meat and Fish Market and Sea Salt Fish Market.

B-Our other products mentioned above have not been through the process of being retail ready as of yet, however; we continue to share with family and friends to get their continuous feedback.

Q:  What sets Glorious Sauces apart from competitors or makes them special? Can you name all of the varieties in the Glorious Sauces product line?

A: R-Most chimichurri is made with parsley and oregano and olive oil. Ours we use exclusively cilantro and a milder oil to bring out the flavors of the cilantro coupled with our spice blend. Right now our chimichurri products offer two variations: Simply Suave – Mild and Mucho Macho – Hot. Both share the same base ingredients but Mucho Macho adds scotch bonnet peppers to add some heat but not compromise the intended chimichurri flavor.

All of our products are made with Florida harvested produce and is all natural – preservative free, no additives, no artificial coloring or flavors and packaged right here in central Florida.

B-We are often told we are brothers.  We are, but from other mothers.  Notice, Robb wears the red version of the logo, as he enjoys the spice – I don’t do any spice at all.  It helps our fans distinguish us from each other and provide a little gimmick of fun.

Q: What is your favorite dish to make with Glorious Sauces? 

A. For our chimichurri,

B-A good skirt steak or picanha (sirloin cap) or a slow cooked pork tenderloin.

R-Pasta with scallops, shrimp and littleneck clams or pan seared salmon.

If you want recipes just ask us!  We have plenty to share.

Q: What were the hardest struggles and greatest achievements during your journey with Glorious Sauces?

A: Our hardest struggles is both of us maintain full-time positions to pay for our lives so we aren’t able to invest as much time into marketing our product as we’d like to or getting out to meet new people and possible locations faster or providing tasting demos as much as we’d like to. Eventually, we will have to take a leap and make it happen.  The unpredictability of cash flow and product inventory is something most small businesses are always going to be challenges with.  The benefit of being in a Lucky’s Market is they say, “Lucky’s loves Local” and it shows.  this allows small businesses like us have an opportunity to share our products and not have to compete against national brands as aggressively.  Many people like supporting local small businesses and investing dollars in such companies.

Our greatest achievement was succeeding in making an excellent product which landed on Lucky’s Market’s shelves. Seeing our product from conception to launch and hearing our fans talk about how much they enjoy the versatility of our product. We call it the amazing awesome on anything chimichurri sauce.

Q: Do you have any future plans with Glorious Sauces, potentially expanding or launching a new product?

A:We do – as we said we have a bank of recipes of our sauces which we are prepared to release.  The only catch is timing and researching the market and finding another niche we can fit into and offer our spin on traditional favorites.

Thank you for your interest in Glorious Sauces and taking time to let us share our story.

-Robert and Bryan

Robert (center)

Fan (left)

Bryan (right)

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