Sus Hi Eatstation – Sushi and More!

Sus Hi Eatstation opened their doors over eight years ago across from UCF! The company is owned by UCF alumni and has been rapidly expanding, with three new locations set to open in the near future! I recently took a visit to their Lake Nona location to try out some of their signature menu items!

Custom Sushi Burrito

Bowls, Rolls, and Burritos are able to be customized to make anyone happy! Sus Hi even offers paleo and keto options and have a menu to make ordering easy! Above is a custom burrito!

Crispy Rice Fries – Loaded

During my visit, I tried the loaded crispy rice fries for the first time! They were so delicious! I had never ordered them before, but definitely will be ordering them again! These loaded fries are topped with cheese, bacon, and jalapeños!

The Traditional Roll – Deep Fried

Burritos and Rolls can be deep fried for an extra crunch! I loved their deep fried roll because it was not greasy to the touch.

The Traditional Roll – Deep Fried

I love the sauce variety at Sus Hi as well! There are sweet, spicy, and salty options to dip and drizzle on your order!

The Party Bowl

I had a wonderful time trying Sus Hi Eatstation in Lake Nona! I frequently visit the Colonial location so you might catch me there in the future! Thank you to the Sus Hi team for setting up my visit!

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