Chef’s Whim at Bad As’s Sandwich

Bad As’s Sandwich is located at 207 N Primrose Drive in the Milk District. I discovered this local gem in 2017 and haven’t been able to stay away!

This isn’t your typical sandwich shop: Chef John and his team have created culinary masterpieces on locally made bread that will leave you wanting more! Don’t be intimidated by the long list of ingredients and flavor combinations when reading their menu. Every bite is top notch!

I was lucky enough to have won the giveaway for the Chef’s Whim contest, and wanted to share my experience! Many items are off menu and created at Chef John’s whim!

First Up: House Made Chicharrones (pictured below). These are light, crispy, and crackle when they first come out! Melt in your mouth good!

First Sandwich, paired with a House Beer: U12 Shrimp marinated in lime and smoked. Paired with house-made Argentinian Chorizo. This chorizo is made with pork belly, garlic, fennel seed, manchego cheese ribbons, and is marinated in Argentinian wine. Topped with lettuce, tomato, and a green chili sauce. This was my personal favorite! I am a huge fan of shrimp and this sandwich was done exceptionally! This sandwich is perfect for summer!

Second Sandwich, paired with an Original Sin Black Widow Cider: Charred locally made bread, House-made Argentinian Chorizo, Fire Roasted Red Peppers, Smoked Red Onion, and Creole Mustard. The sausage is so tender and juicy, it melts in your mouth. If you love Italian sausage this sandwich is a dream come true!

Third Sandwich, a Sea Scallop Po Boy: Sliced sea scallops that are breaded with a corn crust, Chef John was thinking of clam strips while creating this dish. The scallops are topped with a house remoulade, pickled cabbage, and a honey horseradish sauce! Another summer sandwich! I hope to see this on the menu soon!

Fourth Sandwich, paired with a Left Hand Brewing Flamingo Dreams Nitro Berry Blonde Ale: Ribeye, House-Made Smoked Cheddar Pimento Cheese, Chimichurri, French fried pickled onions, and a tamarind bbq sauce! What a flavor combination!

I can’t thank Chef John and the Bad As’s Family enough for hosting us and for the amazing experience! I loved getting to know everyone behind the brand and I can tell they are a close knit family!

I hope all of these sandwiches make the menu so I can experience them again! We will be back soon!

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